“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” — Nelson Mandela


Since Bowing for Change's inception, our mission has been to spread compassion and educational opportunities in whatever way we can. 

It has been shown that a quality education reduces poverty, increases income, boosts economic growth, and are likelier to live healthier lives. Education is often many children’s pathway out of poverty, and we believe it is our obligation as an organization to help schools give that opprotunity to children. Which is why education is one of our priorities as a charity.

The built environment is central to behavior and performance in the classroom, as demonstrated through various studies. The Clever Classrooms report from the University of Salford showed that academic performance could be boosted through the main factors: 1) naturalness (light, temperature, air quality); 2) individualization (ownership, flexibility) and 3) stimulation (complexity, color).[1]This project uses these factors to address violence in schools and to improve academic performance. 

There are several hotspots of bad behavior, such as corridors, stairwells, toilets, playground, canteen and gates, which through small and low-cost changes, can easily be made safer and academically stimulating. The students in Sri Lankan elementary and preparatory schools in Jaffna and Kandy would submit what changes they wanted to see in their schools, such as improved lighting, installation of windows, more desks in the classrooms, newly painted rooms or corridors, etc., along with an explanation of why this would be a positive impact. The proposals would go through several phases, with the top ten projects being chosen by a monitoring team established either on the group or remotely by the board. The board or monitoring team would then work with the School Principals and School Parliaments from the winning schools to develop and strengthen the plans and to implement them in the most effective way to bring about a safer, more productive, and happier environment for the students. All schools that participate will also receive additional trash bins to help bring about a cleaner school environment, which will be managed by weekly classroom volunteers.