Starting in 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to serving others in whatever way possible. Whether it is through service, donations, or advocacy, we are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Our Mission

To improve the lives and futures of disadvantaged groups around the world through educational and social fundamentals.

We aim to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups in the geographic areas of the Middle East, South East Asia, and some in need communities in the United States such as Chicago and New York. While focused on providing education opportunities for youth as well as continuing school programs such as technical, vocational, and entrepreneurship training, students will gain the possibility to improve the living situation for themselves, their families, and their communities. Improving education not only allows for increased equality by providing disadvantaged youth with similar resources as their more wealthy counterparts, but makes the students self dependent and will increase the economic development of communities requiring further financial assistance.

The education programs will be addressed mainly on empowering communities with deep social and financial needs, such as women, the disabled, and religiously and ethnically oppressed minorities. We aim to provide these opportunities through a number of methods, including but not limited to building and improving school infrastructures, developing specific vocational programs based on the needs of the communities, creating entrepreneurship programs to promote economic development, establishing resources for students with special needs, disseminating educational materials to be used from home for those who cannot physically attend school due to states of emergency or other conflicts, and providing assistance for students to attend school in the first place through school supplies or other resources. School buildings are not just where children do schoolwork, but also where many of their values, ideas, and social relationships are shaped.