Venerable Bhante Sujatha

Chairman of the Board

Bhante Sujatha has always known he was born to serve humanity and he wakes up everyday committed to this noble cause, teaching meditation and helping people access the deeper parts of themselves so they can feel radiant joy and peaceful happiness. With a single robe and some leftover food, Bhante left his home country and eventually found his way to America, where he learned a new language and culture and discovered the aching desire people have for a more meaningful life.

Bhante weighs in at 85 pounds, and fifth graders often tower of him, but make no mistake: This man is a powerhouse of focus, energy, and determination. Bhante leads more than 380 meditations a year, for which he travels hundreds of thousands of miles, often walking off a plane and onto a podium within minutes. He speaks to colleges and universities across the world, leads small group retreats, and consults with corporate giants, teaching them all that love is the way and peace is a constant practice.

Bhante’s humanitarian work spans the globe and most recently oversaw the re-fitting of five hospitals with significant need. In 2013, Bhante Sujatha was awarded the highest honor within his lineage, as a recognition for the incredible impact he’s made to spreading Buddhism across America, being named the Chief Sanhga Nayaka of North America.

On any given day, you’ll find Bhante on the West Coast leading retreats, in the Midwest running his temple, or on the other side of the planet providing refuge for those who suffer and inspiring others to give and do even more to help the world. The tireless crusader often sleeps only three or four hours a night and infuses every single waking moment with total purpose and dedication to his mission: adding more love to the world.

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Benjamin Sykora

Executive Director and Member of the Board of directors

Benjamin Sykora is always up to something, whether it is working, writing, biking, or hiking. He is always ready for what’s next. Ben has over 5 years experience working with non-profits. From working at for-profit companies to help improve social responsibility, to serving on executive boards for three non-profit organizations. Ben always tries to approach any challenge with a compassion, hard work, and honesty.

Growing up in rural Illinois, Ben has always dreamed of making the world around him a better place. Ben eventually moved to the always exciting city of Boulder, Colorado. He currently attends the University of Colorado Boulder; studying Operations Management with focuses in Socially Responsible Enterprise. At any given moment, he is trying to learn something new about himself and the world around him.


Safia Southey

Director of programs and member of the board of directors

Raised by international travelers and humanitarian workers, Safia has grown up in the midst of on and off political turmoil while living in Cairo, Paris, Amman, and Menton, spurring her interest in politics and other humanitarian issues facing the developing world early on. She is currently studying at Sciences Po in the beautiful town of Menton in the South of France, pursuing her passion for international relations with a focus on the Middle East. With experience working with such institutions as UNRWA, the US State Department, NY Senator Gillibrand, and UNICEF, Safia is excited to take her knowledge and adapt them to make her own impact in the world.